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The Cozy Hearth & Home Collection brings you candles, espresso makers and accessories.

 Luminaries are reusable. Floating Pool Candles or stationary.    Luminaries shown lit in the pillar style. Reusable Candles use a tea light or votive.
Floating Water Lily Candles. Large Candles to float in a pool or place independently. Floating Sunflower Candles. Large size for floating in a pool.
Cinnamon Roll Candles smell like they are fresh baked cinnamon rolls.   Lotus Luminary Candles float in your pool or stand alone.


We invite you to browse through our collection of beautiful Floating
Candles  for your pool, pond or spa. We have pool candles that are made
larger to float better and to look great in a pool. Lotus and Deco Luminaries
can float in your pool or they can be placed in groups around your pool or patio. 
Many of our
Luminary Candles  are reusable so you will get a great value for
  your purchase. Our larger floating floral candles such as our 
Water Lily Candles
are 5 3/4 inches in diameter and their lily pad curls up along the edges giving extra
buoyancy and some resistance to wind and water movement. 
See our
Pool Candles.

 Find out how to anchor your pool candles by reading our web page.
When you anchor your candles you can place them where you  want
them in your pool. 

Smaller three inch floating candles make floating center pieces for
parties, Float candles in water and light up the atmosphere. 

On larger orders we try to give a discount on shipping. 

Our 'Contact Us' page may be used for any questions, comments or
suggestions that you might have. Thank you for shopping with us.

Serving our customers since 2003.